Welcome to Writer Reading Kidlit!

I’m a YA/middle grade writer and a freelance editor. I love helping other writers think deeply about their work, discover new solutions for plot problems or character arcs that, er, aren’t *quite* arcing, and––more generally––prepare their manuscripts and other materials for querying or submission.

Before I signed with my agent, I worked with several freelance editors who helped me improve my own writing. Sometimes the editors offered big-picture insights that made all the difference as I worked through a final in-depth revision. Other times, I needed those nitty-gritty, line-by-line comments that helped me polish the manuscript before I began sending sending it out. At Writer Reading Kidlit, I’m happy to offer a combination of both.

Often, as you’re writing, the big stuff like character arcs and voice drives the small stuff, like word choice and nuances of dialogue. And yet it’s all those tiny choices you make as a writer that inform the overall impression and meaning of your work. So, like a brushstroke in a painting, each sentence-by-sentence decision is important––a crucial part of the whole.

For this reason, I like to work with my clients to make sure they’re always considering their line-level decisions and keeping in mind where it’s all going. My goal is to help my clients have a better idea of why they make each tiny writing decision they do––and grow to understand how those decisions help them get closer to crafting the book only they can write.

Interested? For rates, sample edits, and other questions, get in touch at becker.erin.e@gmail.com.