Editorial Services

A quick note: as a writer, it’s important for you to get quality feedback from someone who really understands your category.

Literature for young people is what I know, love, and can best help you revise. For this reason, I only offer feedback on picture book, chapter book, middle grade, and YA manuscripts (and queries and synopses). The descriptions below are based on novel-length manuscripts, so feel free to contact me for more specifics about how I can help you with anything shorter than that.

What I Offer

– First 30 pages edit

I won’t hide it: this is my favorite editing package. The first 30 pages of a book tell us so much. The first 30 pages introduce a new world and the characters who inhabit that world. They reveal the stakes those characters will face. They set up the tone, point of view, and narrative voice. And if something in the novel isn’t working, it almost always shows up in those first 30 pages, too. Frequently, those issues include: establishing character (especially balance of backstory and action), pacing, knowing your category/genre (does your MG feel more like a YA, for example?), POV consistency, stakes (or the lack thereof), and worldbuilding. I address these issues with a mixture of big picture observations and frequent comments within the text, and always offer my ideas for cuts, revisions, additions, and solutions.

– Submission package edit (query + first 15 pages + synopsis)

Almost ready to send this book out into the world? It’s such an exciting––and often scary––moment! This is a great option for writers who know they’re close to querying, but may need a little more polishing on certain aspects of their submission. (We all know creating a concise, compelling synopsis, for example, can be a real challenge.) I’ll provide a combination of line editing and, if needed, big-picture thoughts. I used a service like this before querying my novel and ultimately signing with my agent. It really helped me feel ready and confident as I began the process.

– Query only

We all want our work to speak for itself––but we also know that queries are crucial for getting that work in front of an agent’s eyes in the first place! With a wealth of experience both writing and critiquing queries, I’ll help make sure you’re putting your book’s best metaphorical foot forward. This typically involves heavy line editing as well as big picture comments. I can also give advice about personalization and query etiquette.

– Full manuscript

The ins and outs of this edit really depend on your manuscript and which stage you’re at in the drafting and revision process. This is a great option if you’ve already revised, but still feel like something isn’t working. Often, clients have a vague feeling that the manuscript isn’t *there* yet, but just aren’t sure why. An extra set of eyes can be very helpful for working through those issues. Topics addressed can include character arcs, pacing, believability, voice and tone, and more. This is typically a mixture of big-picture comments and line edits, and is a great way to help focus your revision and move your manuscript closer to your final vision––the book you dreamed it would be.

Interested? For rates, sample edits, and other questions, get in touch at becker.erin.e@gmail.com.

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