Some happy writers tell you about my editing. 🙂

“Everything Erin pointed out in my manuscript/query that I didn’t correct was later pointed out by a literary agent. Everything I corrected based on Erin’s critique was later praised by literary agents.” ––Ana F.

Erin is not only a detail-oriented line-by-line editor, she has a knack for seeing the big picture in a manuscript and identifying the threads that are a mismatch. She is keenly aware of the emotion and voice needed to make a piece come to life. Erin improved every one of my projects with kind but totally honest constructive criticism. ––Susan B.

No matter how many times I’ve already read through my work, Erin always has a thoughtful comment (or several!) to share to improve my writing. Her editing is detailed and thorough, and she always responds in a timely manner. I am confident is saying working with Erin has made me a better writer. ––Madeline M.

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